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This Month’s Challenge (#2)

Last month we issued a challenge to each member here to try and better themselves one small challenge at a time. We noted how we are encouraged in scripture to continually build upon the talents we have been blessed with (Rom.12:6-8;Phil.3:12-14). Every member here at Clay is blessed by God with talent in some area. I’m confident of that because I’ve seen those talents in action or been told of them by others. We should exercise those talents fully while seeking to develop new talents.

Our challenge last month was to visit with the sick in the congregation at least once each week. Having put forth the effort to meet this challenge you no doubt feel better about yourself and your service to God. You have grown as a result of the effort you put forth to meet this challenge.

As each new challenge is issued, continue to exercise yourself fully in the areas of the previous challenges. In this way, you make permanent changes to your character and your service to the Lord.

Our challenge for the month of March is this: Pray one time more each day than you have been praying. If you have been praying twice each day, make it three times each day. If you have not been praying on a regular basis at all, then start by praying once each day.

Prayer was a very important part of the life of our Lord. He regularly planned time to be alone so He could pray to the Father (Mark 1:35). We also need to establish regular times for daily prayer. David said, “Evening, and morning, and at noonday, will I complain, and moan; And he will hear my voice” – Psalms 55:17. He regularly prayed three times each day. Daniel followed a similar schedule: “And when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; (now his windows were open in his chamber toward Jerusalem;) and he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime” – Daniel 6:10.

Although prayer ought to play an important part in our daily lives, we often neglect it. We get caught up in the affairs of this world and forget to spend time communicating with the Father above. Let us use this opportunity to better our prayer life.

As you pray each day remember to pray for those who are sick among us. Make a list of those who are sick and pray for each of them individually. Remember to update that list each week.

Pray for those struggling each day to live faithful to the Lord, that their faith will grow stronger.

Pray for those who are no longer faithful to the Lord, that they may repent and return to Him.

Pray for those currently teaching Bible classes on Sunday or Wednesday evening, that they might always be prepared to impart God’s word to our children in a way that will inspire them to obey His will.

Pray for the efforts currently underway to teach the lost of Christ, that their hearts might be open to the truth. Pray for more opportunities to be involved in teaching lost souls. Pray that all of us at Clay will be given more opportunities to teach His will to the lost.

Pray for the elders of the congregation, that they might always lead us down the straight and narrow and that they not become discouraged with difficult issues they are often called upon to face.

Pray for the peace and unity of the congregation. Pray for the growth of this congregation.

Pray for our upcoming Gospel Meeting with Bob Buchanon (March 5-10). Pray that many will accept our invitation to come and be with us.

Pray for those in the congregation who are parents, that they may raise their children in such a way they will desire to be God’s children.

Pray each day for everything which is of concern to you as an individual Christian.

Surely we can see there are plenty of things for which we need to be praying. Instead of just one more prayer per day perhaps we need to add 2 or 3.

Are you up to the challenge?